A good reason to go to church!

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I was watching some movies from days gone by (Early 2000’s :P) the other day when a message came through the rating game’s email. The rating game follower asked us Why we don’t rate more blonde guys. If you have followed the Rating Game for a while now you may have noticed that Kizz from The Rating Game has a little bit of a dark haired fetish.

Steve Sandvoss and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Latter Days

Steve Sandvoss and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Latter Days

It just so happened that one of the movies I was watching was Latter Days; a touching story about finding love where you don’t expect it. What is better is one of the lead actors is a STEAMING hunk of blonde man meat!  So what better guy to rate then him!

Steve Sandvoss may have played a fresh-faced mormon boy in Latter Days; but as you can see in some of his other photos he is all man!

If only Steve had attended church with me when I was a boy, maybe I would have had more fun at Sunday School!  I may have even gone every week!

Taking into consideration his baby-face, his super cute smile and his EXTREMELY hot body we are comfortable giving this guy an 8.5!

Agree/Disagree?  Share your thoughts or send us an email to suggest a guy we can rate for you!


Desperate House…sons

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Beau Mirchoff in DH

Beau Mirchoff

This season of Desperate Housewives has been a good one so far (Australia still has a few more episode left), if for nothing else but for the eye candy that keeps on giving!

You may recognise Beau Mirchoff from Scary Movie 4, he was the stupid, whiny son to faux Tom Cruise!  However, he is now probably more famous for playing the part of Danny Bolen in Desperate Housewives.

Beau Mirchoff is one hot guy!  He has the smoking dark looks, the sexy bod, the whole package!  I give him a solid 8!

Questions, comments?  Leave us a message if you agree or not!

Beau Mirchoff in Desperate Housewives

Gay bases?

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I was discussing an intimate encounter one of my friends had and we got to talking about relationship “bases”… You know, 1st base – kissing etc… We think their should be another set of bases for gay intimacy!

We were thinking that this sounded appropriate:
1st Base – Groping
2nd Base – Hand sandwich
3rd Base – Oral
4th Base – All the way

What do you guys think? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

One, two, he’s coming for you…

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… and we dont mind!

In case none of you know what that is, it’s a throwback to that creepy little rhyme the little kids in Nightmare on Elm Street used to chant (Youtube vid here)… because Thomas Dekker is in the new Nightmare on Elm street reboot… you know, the movie with Freddy Krueger… Oh, never mind…

Thomas Dekker

Thomas Dekker as Zach in Heroes

Thomas Dekker came to my attention back in the good old days of TV when Heroes was a breakout new hit, in case you don’t remember, he was

Thomas Dekker

Thomas Dekker looking scruffy and FINE!

Claire’s gay nerdy friend. Though he was supposed to be a nerdy, unpopular, high school student, I don’t know many people who wouldn’t consider tapping that!

Then Dekker got a more substantial role as one of the lead characters in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  Being the only thing standing between robot annihilation and the end of the world?  One word, HOT!  Dekker makes whining about having no control over your future look good.

Thomas Dekker

Thomas Dekker looking fine at his 21st Birthday celebration!

More recently (and the reason for the admittedly creepy headline) Dekker stars in the reboot of Nightmare on Elm Street, another in the line of sci-fi/horror projects he has put his name to.

I would like to say it was a struggle to give a rating to Thomas Dekker, but it wasn’t!  I am easily influenced by dark features and beautiful dark eyes!  The boy is an easy 9, and by easy I mean on the eyes!

Agree/Disagree?  Please leave us a comment with your opinion or you can submit your own celebrity, friend, relative for us to rate!  Just send us their name, age and a photo!

P.S – Just as an added bonus, here is Mr Dekker looking… well for lack of a better word, a little queer! Link!

Who’s your mother?!

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Josh Radnor as Ted from How I Met your Mother

Who cares how he met your mother?! I want to see how they made the kids!

Watching How I Met Your Mother today it struck me how absolutely freaking spunky Ted (Josh Radnor) is!

Now it’s no secret that I like a man with darker features but I think that the romantic personality of Ted (aka Josh) earns him a solid 9!

Agree/Disagree? Post your comments! 😛

P.S – It may not be coincidence that David Henrie (The hottie we rated a few weeks ago from Wizards of Waverly Place) plays Ted’s son in the future!

Well Handled!

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Today’s submission… well, submission is probably the wrong word.  We kind of stole this rating submission from Chelsea Handler’s Twitter Feed!

Chelsea posted this hottie and even though we have no idea who he is, we checked him out and couldn’t help but rate him!  The man is FINE!  Well that’s my opinion… Samantha at the Rating Game disagreed with me and gave him a 4, so we decided to compromise and go halfway.  I’m giving him a 9, which brings our Handled Hottie to a 6.5

Not too shabby if you ask me, though I do think he deserves better!  Which side will you take?  Is he a high rating or a low?  Leave your comments!

We’re all about the numbers…

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… and this time we were talking date of birth!

Premiere Of "Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief"

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Movie Poster

We received a Twitter headsup from one of our followers who asked us to rate Logan Lerman! The photo we were sent made us run to Wikipedia to make sure that Logan was 18! He’s a REALLY young looking guy!  Thank god he’s legal!

He’s extremely clean cut and could easily

play a high school teen for a few

more years.  (If he can sing, we expect him on Glee in 2015)  After much deliberation the Rating Game team have all decided that he’s hot but he needs to be put on layby for a few years.  We’re going to give him a f

uture 7.5

What do you guys think?  Is he ready to co

me out of the oven or should we let him bake for a while longer?