A good reason to go to church!

I was watching some movies from days gone by (Early 2000’s :P) the other day when a message came through the rating game’s email. The rating game follower asked us Why we don’t rate more blonde guys. If you have followed the Rating Game for a while now you may have noticed that Kizz from The Rating Game has a little bit of a dark haired fetish.

Steve Sandvoss and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Latter Days

Steve Sandvoss and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Latter Days

It just so happened that one of the movies I was watching was Latter Days; a touching story about finding love where you don’t expect it. What is better is one of the lead actors is a STEAMING hunk of blonde man meat!  So what better guy to rate then him!

Steve Sandvoss may have played a fresh-faced mormon boy in Latter Days; but as you can see in some of his other photos he is all man!

If only Steve had attended church with me when I was a boy, maybe I would have had more fun at Sunday School!  I may have even gone every week!

Taking into consideration his baby-face, his super cute smile and his EXTREMELY hot body we are comfortable giving this guy an 8.5!

Agree/Disagree?  Share your thoughts or send us an email to suggest a guy we can rate for you!


~ by djkizza on June 9, 2010.

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